The most important challenges facing Dallas ISD today are: (1) providing an excellent and equitable education for all of its ~158,000 students, particularly students of color and those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds; and (2) how to attract back the 1 in 4 students who live within district boundaries but currently opt for other public and private school options.

Building city-wide resolve to advance the performance of all Dallas ISD students requires the formation of a broad, diverse, and inclusive coalition. The purpose of this coalition is to help our community:

  • Acknowledge both the district and city’s historical role contributing to racial inequity and recent efforts to reverse disparities;

  • Fully understand the district’s present disparities in resources and outcomes, as well as the results of recent strategies enacted by the board and administration to address them;

  • Advocate for adequate funding to advance more equitable educational outcomes, while increasing the District’s accountability to taxpayers for additional investment.

While the building of trust will require on-going effort and patience, today’s students and their families do not have the luxury of time. Thoughtful urgency is required to take immediate steps towards the long-term pursuit of equity for all of Dallas’ children.