About The Coalition


The most important challenges facing Dallas ISD today are: (1) providing an excellent and equitable education for all of its ~158,000 students, particularly students of color and those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds; and (2) how to attract back the 1 in 4 students who live within district boundaries but currently opt for other public and private school options.

Building city-wide resolve to advance the performance of all Dallas ISD students requires the formation of a broad, diverse, and inclusive coalition. The purpose of this coalition is to help our community:

  • Acknowledge both the district and city’s historical role contributing to racial inequity and recent efforts to reverse disparities;

  • Fully understand the district’s present disparities in resources and outcomes, as well as the results of recent strategies enacted by the board and administration to address them;

  • Advocate for adequate funding to advance more equitable educational outcomes, while increasing the District’s accountability to taxpayers for additional investment.

While the building of trust will require on-going effort and patience, today’s students and their families do not have the luxury of time. Thoughtful urgency is required to take immediate steps towards the long-term pursuit of equity for all of Dallas’ children.


Members of this coalition have agreed to operate in accordance with the following shared beliefs:

  • Every child in Dallas ISD is capable of success and deserves equitable access to a quality education, getting what they need based on their individual needs and history.

  • Dallas ISD’s actions should be guided by a comprehensive and transparent equity review, routinely updated, that continually guides its allocation of resources in its mission to eliminate achievement disparities for its students.

  • Any plan put forth by Dallas ISD administration and approved by the board of trustees should reflect broad community input on suggested strategies and desired educational outcomes.

  • Taxpayers should be granted the right by their elected board of trustees to decide via public election whether or not to invest additional dollars to fund those strategies that have the best chance of closing existing student achievement disparities.

  • Any taxpayer investment should be accompanied by ambitious but reasonably attainable accountability measures and subsequent transparent reporting to ensure that any incremental funding raised is used to produce the desired growth and reduced disparities in student achievement outcomes.

Coalition Members

The individuals and organizations listed below have joined together in common purpose, shared beliefs and commitments. All are invited to participate, especially those most impacted by Dallas ISD’s decision-making, including teachers, parents, and students.

If you’re interested in joining, please sign and submit this Member Agreement Form to info@strongschoolsstrongdallas.org.


















Leadership Team

The coalition is guided by this group of volunteers responsible for creating agendas for coalition meetings, ensuring adequate resources are secured, and advancing the coalition agenda in a timely manner. Members of the Leadership Team were nominated and elected by coalition members.

Rev. Gerald Britt (Chair)


(972) 342-0509

 Dolores Sosa-Green


(214) 883-2387

Allison Brim


(214) 455-9115

Jonathan Feinstein


(214) 763-9038